Welcome to Sigma Nu Tau


The Only Academic Honor Society Dedicated to Entrepreneurship

Now there is an honor society available to colleges and universities across the United States that wish to recognize and reward their students who excel in their studies and are promising entrepreneurs!

Our Mission:

To promote, recognize, and reward academic excellence in entrepreneurship and to encourage and recognize the practice of principled entrepreneurship

“Principled Entrepreneurship is maximizing long-term profitability for the business by creating real value in society while always acting lawfully and with integrity.”

What is Sigma Nu Tau?


Our Purposes:

  • To encourage the study of principled entrepreneurship, that is, entrepreneurship practiced with high ethical standards, honor, and integrity, at colleges and universities
  • To recognize, honor, and reward students who work hard and succeed in their entrepreneurship studies
  • To encourage and recognize (a) faculty members who mentor students and teach principled entrepreneurship and (b) entrepreneurs who are the embodiment of principled entrepreneurship
  • To provide networking opportunities for entrepreneurship students to meet with other entrepreneurship students, as well as with successful entrepreneurs and leading entrepreneurship faculty
  • To develop valuable programs at the national level and to encourage valuable